Poonam turns bike mechanic after her husband falls victim of paralysis attack

This is an inspirational story of a woman who took over responsibility of the family financially. Earlier she was the house maker, now her work is of the house maker as well as a bike mechanic

New Delhi: Poonam from Patel Nagar area of Gaziabad has become an inspiration for others as she has come forward to nourish the family after her husband fell victim of paralysis. She has been working as a bike mechanic and running the family with the income from this shop.

An accident brought disaster to Poonam’s life. The girl who did not come out of the four walls of her house one day is sitting on the street these days to work as a mechanic. She repairs bike.

Reportedly, about three to four years ago, Poonam was a house wife who was taking care of the kids and making foods for the family. She was an excellent home maker. And her husband was working with a company as a motor mechanic. He was earning good and the family was running smoothly.

In 2020 lock down was announced in the country after surfacing of the Covid 19 pandemic. Accordingly, Rajesh, husband of Poonam lost his job.

Later, after the restrictions were lifted, he opened a bike shop and repaired bikes. He was earning good and the family was running perfectly. However, reportedly once he fell victim to an accident and later he also fell victim of a paralysis attack. Accordingly, his body got paralysed and he could not work in the bike repairing shop.

Now, it was a call for Poonam to run the family as her husband was no more fit to work and get income for the family. Poonam searched for jobs. However, as she could not get a job for a while, the couple took a decision, and Poonam started working in the bike repairing shop of her husband as a mechanic. Initially her husband remained present at the shop to instruct Poonam step by step to repair a bike. But soon Poonam learned the art and these days she can repair a bike without any trouble. She can even work on the engine, which is the toughest work for a bike mechanic.

It was not easy for a woman to work on the roadside as a bike mechanic. While some people mocked at her for taking up the job of a man, some other also wanted to the benefit of her womanhood. However, the brave girl faced the hurdles and came out successful.

Now, Poonam is earning good from the mechanic shop and the family is running smoothly. This has become an inspirational episode for others.

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