On Virat’s Birthday, Learn His Diet And Fitness Secrets

India’s heartthrob and Cricket Team Captain, Virat Kohli turns 30 today. The Captain is celebrating his birthday in Mumbai with wife Anushka Sharma. He became the first ever Indian cricketer to score three consecutive tons in ODI. Moreover, Virat is also one of India’s most loved poster boys for fitness now. But did you know that Virat used to be a big foodie back in his teenage years? His love affair with fitness is only a couple of years old. Virat admitted that once he came out of the bath and looked at his belly sticking out and wondered if this is how an international cricketer looks like. On that day, he decided that he needed to change the way he lived his life.

On his birthday, here are a few diet secrets of the Indian Captain you may love to follow:


1. The Indian captain recently turned vegan. He used to rely heavily on animal protein for his muscles until very recently. His current diet includes protein shakes, vegetables, and soya.


2. Virat eats multiple small meals throughout the day. He loves to have a lot of seasonal and fresh fruits, and dragon fruit, papaya, and watermelon.


3. He often carries his own collection of nut butter that he has with gluten-free bread.


4. He consumes over 3-4 cups of green tea with hint lemon through the day.


5. Virat also drinks a lot of vegetable broths and soups made of fresh veggies like spinach and beetroot.



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