Olasuni Pitha in Odisha, a religious destination & picnic spot

In these days many people are flocking to tourist places of the State including naturally gifted locations and places of historical value as well as religious centres. Besides, picnickers are also being witnessed in almost all ideal picnic spots of Odisha.

Such a place has attracted a large number of visitors in Odisha. The Olasuni pitha in Odisha situated in the mid-point of Cuttack, Kendrapara and Jajpur districts is witnessing huge footfalls this winter.  Here Goddess Olasuni is getting worshipped while we can also find the place of saint Arakshita Das. Podapitha and dry fish (sukhua) are the favourites of Das and hence his devotees offer these two items to him here.

Olasuni Pitha in Odisha  is also an ideal picnic spot. People not only from the State, but also from the adjacent States come here for picnic. Non-vegetarian foods are given in offering in the pitha. Hence many tourists come here for non-vegetarian offering.

While visiting Olasuni pitha, tourists also visit the nearby ancient places Lalitgiri, Ratnagiri and Udaygiri. Considering the number of visitors, the Police administration and Olasuni pitha committee make security arrangements here.

Olasuni Pitha in Odisha is an ideal picnic spot. It is said whoever comes here once, wants to visit here again and again. Different food items are sold by the vendors in the eateries here. The surrounding of Olasuni pitha is beautiful, scenic and picturesque.

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