Hug Day 2022: Different types of romantic hugs and their meaning

A hug is a form of endearment, and it always feels great when the right person hugs you in the right way. Hugging someone tightly in one’s arm can be an expression of affection, without having to speak much, or be a medium of showing care and comfort for one-another. Although this the most easily understandable universal language, deciding on which kind of hug to give to a particular person can sometimes be difficult. Therefore, here we bring you the meaning of different types of hugs that you can choose from when you are stuck in a dilemma.

Polite Hug

Polite hug or ‘friendly hug’ is the most decent way of hugging someone. This could be side-ways where only partial upper body connects and lasts merely for seconds. This is great to have between friends or colleagues. But even though this is a gentle way of showing effection, if this hug makes its way between romantic partners, then there is something fishy in the relationship.

London Bridge Hug

This type of hug is usually given to console a person. In this hug mostly the shoulders touch. The person consoling usually have their hands on the back of the other person, mostly just below the shoulderk, to tap and provide assurance that ‘everything will be alright.’ Albeit being comforting, if this hug if given to you by your lover it can mean that they are no longer interested in you. It might also mean that the opposite person doesn’t feel comfortable with you.

Buddy Hug

This kind of hug is usually common between friends. It implies that you are comfortable with the opposite person and you are serious about the relationship to last a long time. In this type of hug the arms either rest on the other person’s shoulders or on waist, making only upper body partially touch. If this goes on well with your crush, the friendship has a chance to turn ito something even more meaningful.

Bear Hug

Bear hug means hugging tight like one would hug a teddy bear. This is a stress-reliever, and makes one feel relaxed on receiving this type of hug. This is common between people who love each other, and is not limited between partners. It could exist between parents and children, siblings, friends, etc. The tighter the hug, the deeper the bond.

One-way Hug

The one-sided hug can be a heart-burn, as it implies that the other person is probably not interested being intimate this moment. It is when you hug someone and they either don’t respond or just shrugs it of quicker with a buddy hug. Therefore, it is called one-sided hug. If this continues in a relationship, it is better to end it.

Intimate Hug

This type of hugs are very precious, and only exists between lovers. It is intimate and romantic, and is characterised by a close full body contact with the opposite person. The intimate hug brings to people close into making longer eye contacts which even leads to a magical kiss moment. You are lucky if you and your partner often share this kind of hugs. It shows how strong your bond is, how comfortable you are in each other’s embrace and how the flame of your relationship still warms you both.

Back Hug

This hug implies warmth, protection, and trust. Couples often hug each other from back to nibble on the crook of the opposite person’s neck or to rest their head on the opposite person’s shoulder. It is a soft yet intimate form of showing love, but sometimes it can also mean that the person hugging is seeking for some comfort. Moreover it also shows that the person hugging you has blind trust on you.

The Mischievous Hug


This is one of the romantic type of hugs which implies some spicy bedroom action is on its way. In this hug, the action of your partner’s hand says a lot about how they want to spend the time with you. When the hand of your partner slowly slides from your upper back and goes and rests on your lower back, then it is undoubtedly the mischievous hug. This action of your partner implies that they are physically interested in you.

Straddle Hug

This type of romantic hug is shared by people who trust each other and have a special significance in each other’s life. This hug is physically, passionate and very intimate and is done in closed room, undisturbed.  In this hug, a woman directly jumps into her man’s arms and embraces his body.

Waist Hug

Lastly, the waist hug. This hug is usually shared between partners in love. Mostly initiated by a man who loves to pull his woman closer by holding her waist in order to show affection. If your partner does that to you it means that they are interested in you and wants you to be a part of their life journey.

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