College student dies in road accident, friends give puja donations to his mother

Satyabrat Naik, a college student, died in a fatal road accident on last Sept 17

Bhadrak: A college student died in a fatal road accident on last September 17. He died in a fatal road accident on College Road. The other students of the College met the deceased’s mother and handed her over the donation that they had collected for Ganesh puja. The lectures of the college also visited the hose of the boy. The students canceled Ganesh puja in memory of the said colleg student and handed it over to his mother.

His family, friends and college faculty members were deeply saddened by such an untimely death of Satyabrat of Kandgardi village in Chandbali Block.

The mother, who was completely devastated by the loss of her son, saw her son’s friends from college and wept bitterly. But the faculty and staff of the college comforted him by assuring him.

If you have any problem we are with you, said the faculty of the college to the students’ mother and asked her not to break down. And comforting her, they handed over 25 thousand rupees.

College students and faculty members met and offered 25,000 rupees in aid and consoled the bereaved family. Together they reached the house of the deceased student Satyabrata and consoled his mother and gave the aid money.

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