Chanakya An Ancient Philosopher In His Verse Says!

There are various kinds of people in the world, some good, some bad and some toxic. The people we spend our time with play a huge role in the quality of our life and happiness. Our life will progress by the kind of people we surround ourselves with.

It is very important to stay with good people and avoid toxic people. You will lose your wealth and even your life if you are surrounded by these kinds of toxic people.

The great philosopher Chanakya has written many kinds of shloks related to toxic people.

“Parasparasya Marmani Ye Bhasante Naradhama

 Toh Ebo Bilaya Yanti Balmikodarasparbat”

The above verse says to stay away from those people who insult and gossip about others and feel satisfied among themselves.

“Gandha Subarna Phalamikhudanda Nakari Pushpa Khaluchandranesu

Bidwan Dhandheya No Tu Dirghajibi Dhatu Pura Copy No Budhidobhuto”

The following verse says, just as gold does not smell, sugarcane does not bear fruit, sandalwood does not have flowers; like that the scholar does not become rich and the king also not lives long.

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