6-Year-Old YouTube Star Buys Property Worth Rs 55 Crore

New Delhi: A six-year-old YouTuber has bought a Rs. 55 crore property. Boram, from South Korea, is popular on YouTube with over 30 million subscribers. She runs two channels namely Boram Tube Vlog (17.5 million subscribers) and Boram Tube ToyReview (13.6 million subscribers), reviewing toys.

She recently purchased a 1975 building on 258.3 square metre of land in Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam. It is one of Seoul’s prosperous localities.

The property was bought by the Boram Company, which was set up by the six-year-old’s parents for £ 6.5 million (Rs 55 crore).

The YouTube star has an estimated monthly income of £2.4 million. She describes her videos as “making a play and a fun kids’ playground video…cute and rewarding memories of everyday life”.

Boram’s channels hold the highest share in marketing profits among other Korean YouTube channels. Several videos of her have garnered millions of views. She earns by partnering with brands to promote their products in her videos and from advertisements.

In a video, the girl can be seen as becoming a superhero to help her friends. In another one featuring chocolate, she plays hide-and-seek with her friends.

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