Katrina Kaif is ‘not sure’ of what she cooked!

Mumbai: The lockdown period has brought out the inner chef in Katrina Kaif, though the actress doesn’t always seem sure about what she ends up cooking!

The Bollywood star took to Instagram and shared a video where is seen preparing a dish aong with her sister Isabelle. The item on the frying pan looks like a pancake, but the actress admits with self-depreciating wit that she is not quite sure.

She wrote: “We’re not sure what it is either…. we ll let u know when we do…”

Katrina’s funny post received numerous speculative responses.

Television personality Mini Mathur asked: “Kat… is it a pancake or a cheese soda?”

Author RM Drake wondered: “Is that a pancake or an omelette?”

A fan wouldn’t be bothered about the dish. “Executive chef,” the fan gushed while describing Katrina, never mind whatever it was she had prepared.

Another fan suggested the actress’ name should be changed to “Katrina Chaif!”, in a hilarious pun cocktailing the words ‘chef’ and Kaif.

Filmmaker Zoya Akhtar encourage Katrina’s culinary efforts and wrote: “Well done.”

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