Draws salary of 16 crore a month, yet why this superstar lives in 1 BHK Flat!

Bollywood superstar Salman Khan has a net worth of approximately Rs 2,255 crore and the actor also revealed that he have been drawing a salary of 16 crore per month. However, the richie rich actor lives in a one-BHK flat in Mumbai.

In one of the Kapil Sharma show’s episode, Salman was asked why he lives in a one-BHK flat despite having property worth crores. To which the actor replied, “Kabhee-kabhee unhein cheejon par kharcha hota hai, jis par aap karate ho, lekin aajakal bahut kam ho gaya hai (Sometimes you spend on the same things on which you do, which nowadays has become reduced).”

Everyone in the show burst into laughter after hearing Salman’s reply. In his witty way, the actor explained that he does not like to spend money irrelevantly.

Salman Khan is an Indian actor, film producer, and television personality who works particularly in Hindi films. He is fondly called as ‘Salu Bhai’ by his fans and time and again he has come forward to help not only his friends, but also people in need.

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