Comedian Siddharth Sagar found in bad state, sent to rehab again

Mumbai: Stand-up comedian Siddharth Sagar was found by the police in a very bad state on On August 26. He was reported to have been under the influence of heavy drugs.

Earlier, the performer was reported to have had a long battle with substance abuse, he has again been sent to a rehab facility on the suspicion of having relapsed.

As per the reports of TOI, the police reached out to Siddharth’s mother after having found him in the devastating state. Siddharth’s mother reportedly said that she got a call from the police station informing her about her son’s condition and that Siddharth only remembered her name and number through which the officers were able to reach out to her. She also expressed how the performer did not value his family even though his parents have been the only ones who have stood by him during his difficult times, whereas no friends or well wishers of him have ever come forward to lend a helping-hand.

“I am a mother and I want him to get out of the situation. I have always been around him and never let him be alone, but unfortunately I had to travel to Delhi for my pet who was unwell and later passed away. We came here and we got a call about Siddharth. I am yet to figure out what exactly went wrong,” said Siddharth’s mother.

She further added that Siddharth abruptly stopped taking his medication for bipolar disease and she could’t help but to feel like something somewhere is wrong because of which all these things are happening again and again. “He was doing so well in his career. The last time that people duped him so badly, they had not even leave clothes on his body. He had stopped the treatment for bipolar. He needs to be cured at this moment,” she added.

On work front, the young comedian was last seen on the Kapil Sharma Show and has worked in Comedy Circus in the past. In 2018, reports of his sudden disappearance also made rounds in the media.

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