Cinderella 2021 trailer starring Camila Cabello released: Watch

The film is a modern take on the traditional fairytale

Amazon Prime Video released the official trailer for Cinderella on Tuesday. The two and a half minute trailer unveiled the modern take on the traditional fairytale marking the acting debut of the pop star Camila Cabello.

In the trailer Cinderella can be seen as an aspiring businesswoman and dressmaker while her step mother and step sisters try to make her life hard. She isn’t bothered about finding a prince but to sell her signature dresses, she named her shop Dresses by Ella. This modern day fairytale seems more inspiring for the 21st century girls as this generation is more thrived towards their career than finding matches.

The role for the annoying step-mother Vivian is played by Idina Menzel, while Maddie Baillio and Charlotte Spencer plays the stepsisters. Along with them the rest of the cast includes; Pierce Brosnan, Nicholas Galitzine, and Billy Porte. While James Corden, Ranganathan and Acaster play the mice; Cinderella also stars Minnie Driver as Queen Beatrice, Missy Elliott as Town Crier, Tallulah Greive as Princess Gwen, and Mary Higgins as Princess Laura.

The trailer shows how Cinderella wants to go to the ball but her step mother ruins her dress: as classic as it seems to the old version of the fairytale, the feminist take starts following with the appearance of the fairy god mother Fab G (Billy Porter). At first it shows how the fairy swings her wand and gives Cinderella a suit which makes sense as she wants to be a businesswoman but anyhow she turns up to the ball in a beautiful ball-gown.

There are some puns used in the film like after Cinderella’s makeover she asks if the fairy could make her glass sleepers a little more comfortable and the fairy denies, which make her think out loud, “but you just did the whole thing (referring to the magic)” to which the godmother replied, “even magic has its limits.”

On another scene Menzel’s Evil Stepmother can be seen telling Cinderella to marry the prince and that that will solve all there financial problems, which is a pretty drastic change from the original story. On a scene prior to that the prince falls in love with Cinderella in first sight and asks her to marry her but she replies asking, “What about my work? I don’t want a life stuck waving from a royal box, any more than a life confined to a basement.”

The theme of the movie seems to inspire the woman of current generation and to relate with many.

Directed and written by Kay Cannon and produced by Leo Pearlman, Jonathan Kadin, Shannon McIntosh and James Corden; Cinderella is a production of Columbia Pictures and Pearlman and Corden’s Fullwell 73. In hope for this modern take on the legendary tale to be loved and appreciated by the viewers all over the world, Cinderella (musical) is set to release on 3rd September on OTT platforms.

It was originally slated to premiere on theatres worldwide but due to Covid-19 pandemic Sony Pictures opted to sell it to Amazon for an undisclosed amount.

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