BTS trolls Jimin on his birthday, shared funny videos of him online

South Korean boy band BTS member Jimin turns another year older today. His band members are yet again trolling him like how they did back in 2013.

As per the septet’s traditions, Jin being the oldest member made sure to be the first member to wish Jimin on his birthday. Instead of buying the birthday boy a card, he wrote a birthday message on a ripped piece of cardboard.

However, this is an upgrade, last year Jin wished Jimin ‘happy birthday’ on a piece of tissue paper.

Image credit- Weverse

Another member J-Hope then took to Twitter to post funny videos of Jimin, trolling him on his birthday. First he shared a cute video of the 26 year old dancing on set. He captioned the video, “Cutie” “#HopeFilm #JIMINDAY #HBDJimin”, he added the hashtags.

Then the happy virus shared another video of Jimin acting silly as he trips all over himself while dancing and falls over. The caption read, “Sexy #HopeFilm #JiminssisBirthday #HappyBirthdayJimin.” 

Back to back Hobi then posted another video of Jimin making cute noises while boxing with Jungkook.

Next in “Hope Films”, J-Hope posted a series of photographs showing the “cutie, sexy and lovely” sides of Jimin along with his funny goofy sides.

Next in line is leader RM, he too posted two pics of Jimin wishing him Happy Birthday. What’s funnier is the name he used in the caption as he wrote, “Baby G Saengil Chooka.”

BTS fans, popularly known as BTS ARMY, has flooded Twitter and other social media platforms with wishes for the young star. Last night Jimin came on V-live to celebrate his birthday with his fans, and left satisfied after receiving a great amount of response. Band members Jungkook and J-Hope also joined him.

Have a look at how fans are celebrating Jimin Day:

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