Alia Bhatt’s new ad stirs controversy, netizens call it ‘woke feminism’ to reform Hinduism

Bollywood actress Alia Bhatt’s new ad for the clothing brand Manyavar have stir controversy as netizens believe it is painting Hindu rituals and customs as ‘regressive’. The advertisement featuring Alia Bhatt showcases ‘Kanyadaan’ to be of patriarchal norms and suggests ‘Kanyamaan’ as an alternative.

Although Manyavar calims the ad to be an idea of “Promoting a progressive way of thinking, one tradition at a time!” the project has raised some major issues for giving a wrong meaning to the famous Hindu marriage custom.

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The campaign that highlights the idea of respecting brides instead of ‘giving them away’, has drawn sharp criticism on Twitter. Netizens are furious on the fact that time and again only Hindu rituals and beliefs are questioned whereas other religions with more oppressive customs repeatedly gets a free pass from the brands.

Some even brought up the history of Bhatt family, to defy the ad, when Mahesh Bhatt said that he would have married Pooja Bhatt if she weren’t his daughter.

It received possible backlash by just the idea of casting a Bollywood actor for the ad, as the show-biz industry is criticized enough for objectifying women. Brands on the other hand are also clearly too afraid to raise awareness about the problematic practices of faith as the Hindus aren’t too happy about their beliefs being the only one in question. Earlier, the jewellery brand Tanishq also received severe criticism for their misguided activism.

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