Good News For Travelers, Switzerland eases Covid restrictions

Bern: Despite record high Covid-19 cases, Switzerland has lifted the requirements to work from home and to quarantine after coming in contact with an infected person.

The government has also proposed to further ease other pandemic-related restrictions later, but the final decision is expected to be made on February 16, reports Xinhua news agency.

The Swiss Federal Council said in a statement that the decision was made because hospitals in the country have not been overburdened and the occupancy of intensive care units has fallen further.

“This is probably due to the high level of immunity among the population thanks to vaccination and recovery from Covid-19,” the statement said.

“In addition, Omicron is causing fewer cases of severe illness than previous virus variants. There are increasing signs that the acute crisis will soon be over, and the endemic phase could begin,” it added.

However, the Swiss Federal Council stressed that “there is still a need to remain cautious”, and that it is important to continue to follow the rules on hygiene and social distancing, observe the relevant precautionary measures — and, if possible, to get vaccinated.

Switzerland is currently undergoing another wave of the Covid-19 pandemic, with the number of new daily coronavirus infections reaching unprecedented highs due to the Omicron variant.

The country has so far reported 2,321,564 cases and 12,881 deaths.

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