Bajaj working on a 110cc CNG-powered bike

Bajaj Auto is reportedly working on a new Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) bike that will likely arrive in the market in the next 6 months.

Bajaj Auto is reportedly planning to introduce Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG), Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), ethanol-blended fuel options to it’s two-wheelers to quadricycles in the coming years.

According to reports, Bajaj Auto is developing a new a 110cc CNG-cum-petrol motorcycle. The upcoming Bajaj CNG-powered bike has been internally codenamed as the Bruzer E101 and the production version will likely be named ‘Platina’.

If reports are to be believed the Bajaj CNG bike is currently in the final stages of development with a few prototypes of the CNG bike ready. It Bruzer E101 CNG bike is rumoured to hit the roads within six months to a year.

Bajaj plans to manufacture the bike at the company’s Aurangabad plant in the initial phase. Later, the production will be shifted to Pant Nagar facility as well. Initially, the company had planned to produce around 1-1.2 lakh units per annum, but has now revised its production plan to build 2 lakh units per year.

Though Bajaj has not confirmed these reports, it also has not denied then either. During a media interview to Autocar Professional, Rakesh Sharma, Executive Director of Bajaj Auto said, “We certainly want to extend this capability to cover two-wheelers which is not easy due to space, size and usage differences. We definitely want to expand the share of ‘cleaner fuels’ in our portfolio which includes the full spectrum of EV, ethanol, LPG and CNG. You can be sure of this in both 2WS and 3Ws – this alignment with society and government is very important for us.”

In another interview, he also said, “Who knows maybe a CNG Bajaj motorcycle that halves people’s [bike] running costs would be the answer with a little help from the government.”

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