Will Not Let China Become Top Superpower: Donald Trump

Washington DC: US president Donald Trump on Sunday said he will not let the Asian country become the top superpower while in office.

Both the countries have been locked in a trade dispute since last year. They have held regular negotiations in a bid to find a solution to the trade feud, which recently hit a roadblock just as a trade deal was in its last stages. The United States has since accused China of backing out of the deal at the last moment.

The US recently increased tariffs on Chinese goods amounting to over 200 billion US dollars even as the two sides were amid negotiations. In retaliation, China said that it would be increasing duties on USD 60 billion worth US imports from June 1.

“Our economy has been fantastic. Because they were catching us, they were going to be bigger than us. If Hillary Clinton became president, China would have been a much bigger economy than us by the end of her term. And now it is not even going to be close,” Trump told Fox News.

Trump also stated that China is “obviously not doing well” like the US. “We are taking in billions of dollars. China is obviously not doing well like us,” he said.

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