Pilot dies mid-air, Co-pilot makes emergency landing of plane with 271 onboard

A flight en route from Miami to Santiago was forced to make emergency landing as the pilot of the plane died mid-air.

Miami: In a tragic incident that unfolded on a commercial flight, a pilot’s sudden medical emergency forced an emergency landing, leaving passengers shocked and saddened. The flight, operated by LATAM Airlines, was en route from Miami to Santiago with 271 passengers onboard.

The pilot, identified as Ivan Andaur, 56, experienced a severe cardiac arrest while in the bathroom of the aircraft, according to reports from the Sun. Despite the immediate response from the co-pilots, who skillfully executed an emergency landing at Tocumen International Airport in Panama City, the pilot could not be revived.

The ordeal unfolded at approximately 11 pm on Sunday night when the co-pilot urgently called for medical assistance from any available doctors among the passengers. Isadora, a nurse, and two doctors on board rushed to aid Andaur. However, his condition rapidly deteriorated, leading to the difficult decision to make an emergency landing in Panama City.

Tragically, despite the best efforts of medical professionals and the swift response from the flight crew, Ivan Andaur was pronounced dead upon the aircraft’s landing. The airline expressed their deep sadness over the incident and conveyed their adherence to established protocols aimed at prioritizing passenger safety and well-being.

Passengers were later accommodated in local hotels in Panama City, allowing them a safe place to stay while the airline worked to resume flight operations.

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