Pakistan Lost Rs 688 Crore Due To Airspace Closure

New Delhi: The closure of Pakistani airspace following the tensions between New Delhi and Islamabad post after the Pulwama suicide bombing has affected nearly 400 flights a day and resulted in nearly a loss of $100 million (Rs 688 crore) for Pakistan.

A study of operations by Pakistani and foreign carriers between February and late June showed that approximately 400 flights a day were impacted by the closure. It also led to an increase in flight times as planes had to bypass Pakistani airspace.

The closure, hence, resulted in increased fuel expenses, operational costs and maintenance costs as well as higher duty hours for the aircrew.

A source told the daily that it can be assumed that Pakistan incurred losses due to overflight charges alone for the CAA would be about $232,000.

The losses touch $300,000 if charges for terminal navigation, landing and parking of aircraft are included.

Several foreign airlines have suspended or curtailed flights in the region due to the airspace closure due to longer duration of flights.

Additionally, state-run Pakistan International Airlines is also suffering daily losses of $460,000 due to suspension of flights to international destinations such as Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok and Delhi.

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