London-bound flight makes emergency landing as passenger attempts to kill self

London: A London-bound flight, EVA Air flight (BR67) en route from Bangkok to London made an emergency landing at Heathrow after a passenger attempted to kill himself inside the airplane bathroom.

According to reports given by The Metro, the cabin crew of the flight noticed that the passenger was inside the restroom for a long time as compared to the usual time. Upon checking, they found that the passenger was in a condition that suggested that the passenger tried to kill self.

The identity and the reason behind taking such an extreme step are yet to be known. After taking the passenger out of the restroom, the crew members and a doctor onboard provided first aid to him.

Reportedly, the incident occurred on Friday and the plane landed at around 7:30 pm local time, where medical personnel awaited to transport the passenger to a hospital. However, there are currently no updates on the passenger’s condition.

The airline, EVA Air confirmed the incident but has not provided any further details or responded to requests for comment.

Earlier, a Boeing 777 jet made an emergency landing after its wheel fell off into a parking just after take-off. The Japan-bound plane with 249 people on board was redirected to Los Angeles.

Following the incident, a video of the wheel dropping moments after the United Airlines plane took off from San Francisco International Airport into a parking lot used by airport employees is going viral over the internet.

According to United Airlines, the Boeing 777 has six wheels on each of its main landing struts and can land safely even if any wheel is missing or damaged.

This incident comes amidst Boeing facing several quality control issues. Earlier, a door-sized panel on a Boeing 737 Max 9 blew off the fuselage after the jet took off in Portland, Oregon. This incident triggered a 19-day grounding of all Boeing 737 Max 9s.

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