Kid in Netherlands hacks internet to get AK-47 delivered at home for free

Earlier, the 8 year old kid managed to order small stuff like online free Pizza or things like this without paying for it. Yet, his mother became serious when he this time bought questionable items

New Delhi: In a rare incident, an eight year old kid reportedly managed to hack internet to get a AK-47 gun delivered at his home. Her mother named Barbara Gemen revealed the happening in an interview. She handed over the gun to the local Police.

According to the mother of the child, her son used to sit on the computer for hours. Earlier, he had managed to order small stuff like online free Pizza or things like this by hacking. However, when the AK 47 was delivered to their home, his mother could understand the gravity of the situation. She reportedly decided to take appropriate action now so that her son can have better knowledge of legal and illegal cyber activities so that he can keep himself refrained from illegal activities.

The woman reportedly works as a ‘human resources expert’. She said that her son started spending a lot of time on the internet from a very young age. Meanwhile probably the kid has mastered hacking and using it he ordered small things without paying for it. However, the 8 year old now secretly bought a number of questionable items including an AK-47 from the Dark Web without her knowledge.

The kid was playing online games and was also interacting with bad people online. However, to keep his activity secret from others he was using code language. Like, he was saying, “Pitt is coming to our place”.

Recently, the kid could order for free some questionable items including an AK 47 and got it shipped through Poland to Bulgaia in order to avoid detection. After it was delivered to their home, his mother Barbara called the police and handed over the weapon to the cops.

Reportedly, no action was taken against the kid, but his mother is now started learning about cybersecurity so that she can protect her son from getting involved in any illegal online activity.

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