Indian Embassy to Start Free Hindi Classes at George Washington University

Washington: The Indian Embassy will be starting a free six-weeks-long Hindi language course at the prestigious George Washington University, in the United States.

The course will be taught by Dr Moxraj who is a teacher of Indian culture at the Indian Embassy, reported NDTV.

The Indian Embassy based in America has been making this demand for a long period. Introduction of this syllabus will definitely provide great benefit to the students who wanted to learn Hindi but did not get a chance.

Director of Singur Center for Asian Studies Benjamin D Hopkins & Associate Director Deepa M Ollapally have written collectively regarding this matter to the America based Indian Embassy.

“This indicates that there is a strong interest in Hindi language learning… and encourages us to build on the successful introductory course,” said Benjamin D Hopkins, Director, Sigur Centre for Asian Studies and Deepa M Ollapally, Associate Director, Sigur Centre for Asian Studies, in a recent letter to the Indian Ambassador to the US, reported NDTV.

“As the Sigur Centre has in the past and continues to support language learning and engagement, we were quite excited to be able to offer an opportunity for students to be introduced to Hindi, a critical language and one that is less commonly taught,” Hopkins and Ollapally added.

The Embassy also conducted one hour long free weekly Hindi classes earlier this year in its premises. Great interest was shown by students from as many as seven different countries. A total of 87 students registered for the course in short notice.

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After the declaration, huge excitements have been witnessed among the students.

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