Imran praises India’s foreign policy

Islamabad: Pakistan Prime Minister Imran said he knew India better than other politicians and expressed sadness that Pakistan did not have good relations with it because of its “RSS ideology and what happened in Kashmir”.

He praised India’s “independent” foreign policy, saying no superpower had the courage to tell the neighbouring country to change its foreign policy, Dawn news reported.

“They (India) are saying they will import Russian oil because it is better for their people despite the sanctions (on Russia).”

He said he had the “same problem”.

The premier elaborated that he was not against any one or any country but he put the 220 million people of Pakistan first and then looked at what other states were saying.

“I cannot sacrifice my people for any other nation, he said, adding that this was what happened when those in power had decided to involve Pakistan in the US war on terror.

“When you (collaborate) with someone for money, they do not respect you. They (the US) did not appreciate Pakistan and imposed sanctions,” Khan added.

The premier said the country had to try to lift its people out of poverty and it could only do that if it did not enter into any war.

“I want to tell my youth, your future is your own hands. The country’s sovereignty is in your hands. No army or foreign power can protect democracy, it is the nation that does so. This attack on our sovereignty, if you do not take a stand against it today, whoever comes into power will look at what the superpowers want and act accordingly.”

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