Greet New US President Joe Biden Via Snapchat lens From Home On Inauguration Day

San Francisco: The Joe Biden team has launched a Snapchat lens that will virtually take users to the Capitol Hill as the new US president is sworn-in on Wednesday.

The Snapchat lens will also play a message from Biden addressing Snapchatters: “Hey Snapchat!! It’s me, Joe. Welcome to inauguration!”

“Once the inaugural lens is selected in the Snapchat reel, users can take a selfie in front of the Capitol as confetti falls from above,” reports The Verge.

If users flip the camera around, they’ll be greeted by a Biden Jumbotron in front of a crowd of inauguration attendees.

The lens will also direct users to a live stream of the inauguration event.

“This year’s inauguration has allowed us to create new, innovative, and creative tools for Americans across the country to participate in inaugural traditions and ceremonies while staying home to keep everyone safe,” said Christian Tom, digital director for the presidential inaugural committee.

“We are excited for President-elect Biden to share his message around unifying the country with folks on Snapchat and invite them to be a part of this historic inaugural,” Tom was quoted as saying.

The inauguration Snapchat lens builds on the Augmented Reality (AR) technology Biden’s campaign used last year for the voting process.

“We hope this tool will bring the inaugural experience to young Americans wherever they are and share it with their friends and families,” Tom said.

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