Chinese woman arrested for biting anti-theft cable at Apple store to steal iPhone

A woman from Fujian province in southern China was arrested for chewing an anti-theft cable at an Apple store to steal an iPhone 14.

Fujian: In an audacious theft attempt, a woman surnamed Qiu from Fujian province in southern China was apprehended by the police after she chewed through an anti-theft cable at an Apple store to steal an iPhone 14 Plus, valued at $960 (Rs 79,414), according to a report from the South China Morning Post.

Security camera footage of the incident, which has gone viral on Chinese social media platforms, shows Ms. Qiu standing in front of a smartphone display stand. After briefly examining the device, she nibbles on the security cable multiple times, discreetly placing the phone in her bag before exiting the store.

Although an alarm was triggered during the theft, store employees initially found nothing unusual. However, upon closer inspection, they discovered the chewed cable and the missing iPhone. Subsequently, they alerted the police.

Police officer Zhang Jinhong explained that Ms. Qiu acted cautiously and attempted to disguise her actions by appearing like any other customer, pretending to scroll through the phone’s screen. After she left the store, the security camera footage confirmed what had transpired, leading to Ms. Qiu’s arrest outside her residence.

Ms. Qiu reportedly told the police that after losing her phone, she had intended to purchase a new one at the store. However, upon seeing the price, she opted for theft. She will remain in custody until the investigation is concluded.

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