WhatsApp voice messages update: Users to get these cool features very soon on their smartphone

WhatsApp has emerged as one of the major messaging platforms across India as well as across the globe. With due course of time, Meta-owned WhatsApp has increased its features along with voice messages. WhatsApp has now upgraded the voice messaging feature for its users.

The messaging platform is offering a lot of new features in its new voice message update. The Whatsapp voice message update will be rolled out in the upcoming weeks.

Take a close look at the new features of the Whatsapp voice message update.

Play voice messages out of chat:  WhatsApp users can now play voice messages that they receive from their friends, outside the chat. This means that you can multitask on your smartphone and can answer other messages too while listening to a voice message.

Pause or Resume the voice recording: While a WhatsApp user is using the voice recording feature, he /she can pause or resume it at his/ her will. There are times when a person needs to recollect his/her thoughts and then record a voice message. At those crucial times, the pause or resume feature will be useful. It will be really helpful for those who are forgetful in nature.

Visualization in waveform: The visual representation of sound will be visible in the audio message received by the user on WhatsApp. The users can follow the recording while watching the waveform in the message.

Read the draft of the message:  Before you send a voice message to a recipient, you can listen to the draft. In cases you find any part of the message trivial/ out of context/ irrelevant, you can send another voice message.

Recognizing the Playback: If you are listening to any voice message and pause it in the middle, it will remain there even though you close the chat. After resuming the chat, you can exactly pick up the chat from where you had paused it.

Faster playback speed: The playback speed of the messages can now be controlled by the user. If you want to listen to the voice message at a faster speed you can play it at 1.5x or 2x speed depending upon the requirement. The feature is applicable for both regular and forwarded messages.

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