This Is What You Can Do If You Are Unhappy Over WhatsApp Private Policy Update

Signal and Telegram messaging apps are in a sudden increase in demand by people after the rivalry app WhatsApp updated its terms of service on social media.

On Wednesday the most demanded messaging app WhatsApp revealed its new terms where the users have to agree to share their information including their phone number and location with the owner of Facebook and its other subordinates.

The popularity of the Signal app suddenly shot up on Thursday after it was endorsed by Elon Musk. More than 1, 00,000 users installed the app from Apple and Google stores in the last two days. On the other hand, Telegram has raised nearly 2.2 million downloads, according to the data analytics firm Sensor Tower.

Signal on Thursday tweeted that verification codes were delayed as many new people were trying to join this app. The company has also shared a guide for users in order to move a group from other messaging apps to Signal using a link. It has to be noted that the chats cannot be moved between two apps.

In December 2020, Signal launched the feature of free, private, and end-to-end encrypted group calls.

“A lot of people have been asking how to move their group chats from other apps to Signal, and Signal group links are a great way to get started. Drop a group link into your former chat app of choice like you’re dropping the mic on the way out,” tweeted Signal.

“Links are optional and you can rotate or disable them at any time. You also require approval from a group admin before new members join,” Signal noted.

Following these steps a user can move his/her group chats from any messenger app to Signal:

  • – Create a group on Signal.
  • – Tap into group settings and tap on “Group link.”
  • – Turn the toggle on for the group link and tap on Share.
  • – Share in your former messenger of choice.

Once the group is formed:

  • – Tap on Share to forward the link to users they want to move.
  • – Turn the toggle on or off to approve new members in a group using the share link.
  • – Reset link to change the link if users feel it has been over-shared.
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