Techo Electra Launches 3 Electric Scooters In India

New Delhi: Techo Electra, a Pune-based start-up electric vehicle, has launched three new electric scooters in India. The scooters have a claimed range of 70-85 km and can be fully charged in around four to seven hours.

  • Techo Electra Emerge (Rs. 72,000)-

The Techo Electra Emerge features a Vespa like retro look with octagonal-shaped headlamps, and body-colored front mudguards and mufflers. It gets a digital instrument console, all-LED lighting setup, reverse parking assist, and USB charging support.

Powering the scooter is a portable 60V 30Ah lithium-ion battery, which has a claimed range of 70-80kms on a single charge. It can be fully charged in 4-5 hours.

  • Techo Electra Raptor (Rs. 61,000)-

Techo Electra Raptor features a sporty look with a sharp-edged front apron and dual-tone paint job. It gets LED headlamps and taillamps, USB charging port, reverse parking assist, and LCD instrument panel.

The scooter packs a 60V 32Ah lead-acid battery which can be juiced up fully in around 6-8 hours of charging and offers a range of 80-90kms.

  • Techo Electra Neo (Rs. 44,000):

The Techo Electra Neo looks similar to Raptor but has smaller under-seat storage and it misses reverse parking assist feature. The vehicle houses apron mounted LED headlamp, LED taillamps and USB charging port.

It is backed by 48V 20Ah lead-acid battery that promises a range of 55-60kms and can be charged in 4-6 hours.

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