Stay away from this version of WhatsApp! Downloading it can empty your bank account in seconds

WhatsApp users in India as well as around the world have been increasing day by day. Keeping this fact in mind many fraudsters have tried to scam users and have successfully looted them of their valuable information as well as money. Recently an app known as FMWhatsApp has proved to be very dangerous and many users have lost their money or important information by installing it.

The FMWhatsApp is currently available for Android users and has caused many threats to many users using it. For those who are unknown, apart from Playstore or from WhatsApp website WhatsApp can be downloaded from various sources. However, downloading WhatsApp from a third party source can be potentially dangerous. Even though, the FMWhatsApp app might look similar to that of WhatsApp, both are not same in terms of connectivity or security.

Users are generally lured into downloading the FMWhatsApp as it provides additional features which are not present in the WhatsApp application. It is also claimed by the app that users can read deleted messages of WhatsApp after installing it.

How does the application work?

As soon as FMWhatsApp is installed in your smartphone it can completely take the control of your smartphone. The most worrying thing about the application is that it does not need your permission to take control of your applications.

According to cyber security expert firm Kaspersky, the new version of FMWhatsApp application contains Trojan Trida along with Advertising Software Development Kit (SDK). Both the Trojan Trida and SDK collect valuable information like device ID, subscriber ID, MAC address etc.

After collecting the information, the app sends the device’s address and information to the remote server. Hackers or cyber frauds who can access your device information can run various ads in the background of your device and can even activate paid subscription without the knowledge of the smartphone user.

As the application gets access to incoming SMS to your device, it can easily trace your bank account and can empty it within few moments.

Hence, Android smartphone users are advised not to download any apps which seem similar to that of WhatsApp and rather use the authenticated version from Play Store.

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