Man builds foldable iPhone by using custom parts from other smartphones

As several manufacturers including Samsung and Motorola have already manufactured foldable device, there is always an inevitable question about Apple’s upcoming foldable device. While the company (Apple) is yet to launch a foldable device, a man from China has built a custom foldable iPhone.

The man reportedly took over 200 days and made this device through trial and error method, reported Apple Insider. The man created the customisable iPhone through different parts of other smartphones including the original iPhone. He tried to keep the originality of the iPhone by retaining as many parts from the original devices. The creator always had the thought in mind that bending the device should not hamper its functionality.

The video of the man building the foldable iPhone is on YouTube and is in Chinese. It shows the step-by-step process of dismantling dozens of iPhone screens to build a foldable display. He tested hinge types from several foldable smartphones including the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip and Motorola Razr. Finally, the creator chooses the hinge of Motorola Razr. A 1000mAh (custom) battery was used in the smartphone. The creator removed some parts like one speaker and wireless charging components.

In terms of software, the creator used custom software through jailbreak. The iOS ran normally and the touch functionality seemed fine too. The finished product (foldable iPhone) could be bent and used like a regular folding smartphone and this surprised us a lot. However, the creator calls this custom iPhone his first working prototype. He has intentions of perfecting or improvising the foldable iPhone.

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