How To Record WhatsApp Calls, See 3 Ways Here

Bhubaneswar: We always hear people asking how to record WhatsApp calls. Some smartphones have an inbuilt call recording feature which we generally are not aware of.


See ways of how to record phone calls in these phones-

OnePlus phones have an inbuilt app with a call recording feature. We can find this in the app’s Settings section. The best part is, the person on the other end of the call does not get notified.

Samsung users can also record calls using the inbuilt app provided by the company. We need to open our Samsung Galaxy smartphone, tap on the three-dotted button to open the Settings section and then tap on “Record calls” and then turn on “Auto record calls.”

Method 2:

What do we do if we do not have a Samsung or One Plus phone then we can safely try the following method:
We can install Google’s Phone app from Play Store. Open it and tap on the three-dotted icon > Settings > Call recording. Under “Always record,” tap Selected numbers > turn on Always record selected numbers > tap Add, which is in the top right corner.

We can then choose a contact and tap “Always record.” Then we can make changes according to our preferences.

Google however warns us and says that user must be in a country or region where call recording is supported.

We should not worry because it is available in India, but may not be visible to select users. Also, the device and carrier need to support the feature.

But, Google says that call participants are notified that the call is being recorded.

Method 3:

Lastly one can easily download an app from google Playstore and use it to record all incoming calls both on phone and WhatsApp.

First we need to download the Cube Call Recorder app and then: > After opening the app, go to WhatsApp and then call the person you want to talk to > If during this time you see the cube call widget then it means that your call is being recorded. > If the error is showing in your phone, then once again open the cube call recorder. > This time you have to go to the settings of the app and click on Force Voip in a voice call. > After this whole process, you put a WhatsApp call once again. > If the cube call recorder is not showing even this time, it means that it will not work in your phone.

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