Google Search Tips and Tricks

Bhubaneswar: The phrase, “Google It” has become almost as popular as “hi” or “hello”. We find ourselves at the alter of “Google God” very often. Let us tell you how to make Google Search easier and simpler to use.

First lets start with what we search for on a regular basis:

1. Just type “jobs near me” and Google Search will list out all the available jobs around you.

2.  Just type the name of a college and Google Search tells you the basic information about universities/colleges.

3. For common ailments and diseases, Google Search gives all the information in a small box.

4.  For splitting bills among friends type “tip calculator”. Just make the tip to 0% and divide the amount amongst the people.

5. A currency converter at your fingertips To calculate $500 into rupees then just say “USD to INR” and enter the amount.

6. Type ‘movie showtimes’ and Google search will give you the list of movies showing in cinemas near you.

7. Search for ‘recipe’ a box will list all the top sites that have the matching recipe for any particular dish.

8. For a calorie counter type, “how many calories in a samosa” and you will get the answer right there in Google Search.

9.  To find the meaning of any word then you don’t have to visit a dictionary site as Google Search gives that information in a separate box.

10. You can also enter any image and get information about it.

Go To Google Search and Try these right now!!!

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Credits: TimesOfIndia, GadgetsNow

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