Beware WhatsApp Users! You May Have To Go To Jail If You Do This Mistake

Almost everyone uses WhatsApp in today’s world. But perhaps very few people will know how to use WhatsApp safely. There are certain types of messages which you should not send to anyone through WhatsApp. You may land in jail if you do so.

Do not send inflammatory messages: If you are sending the piracy link of any film on WhatsApp or the scheme to double the money in 21 days, then your account can be closed. Now your question will be that WhatsApp’s message is encrypted, so how will you know what is written in the message? If you think so, then let us tell you that it will be in that situation, if someone files a complaint against your message. Also, do not send vulgar messages with intimidation, bullying on WhatsApp. This can also be dangerous. If anyone files a complaint with the police based on your message, then you may be in jail.

You can be jailed for forwarding these messages: Do not send inflammatory messages to anyone on WhatsApp, which can provoke riots. Also do not encourage anyone to commit suicide on WhatsApp. Do not write any such message on WhatsApp nor forward it, because it comes under the purview of crime and police can arrest if a case is filed against you.

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It is to be noted here that the Madras High Court had said in its 2018 judgment that forwarding the wrong message is equivalent to accepting and forwarding the message.

Do not create a fake account by mistake: Do not harass people by creating fake accounts on WhatsApp. Those who harass people with fake accounts are considered to be under the purview of the crime. If someone complains about your fake account, you may have to go to jail.

Do not send bulk messages: The process of adding bulk people i.e. bulk messages or adding hundreds of people to it should be stopped. Because sending thousands of messages from these bulk groups will not only close your account, but police action can be taken against you. Bulk messages are considered against WhatsApp policy. WhatsApp identifies accounts that send bulk messages with the help of machine learning. Action will also be taken against them.

Do not try to hack software: If you are a software engineer, do not make this mistake. Because trying to hack WhatsApp software is considered a serious crime. A long legal notice can be sent against you or the company for hacking WhatsApp software.


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