5 WhatsApp Features That You Will Not Find On Signal App, See The List

Facebook-owned instant messaging app WhatsApp is facing intense criticism from users for its new Privacy Policy update. Many WhatsApp users are starting to shift to other messaging platforms like the Signal and Telegram amid the new Privacy Policy row.

Users are now abandoning WhatsApp and adopting ‘signal’ app, but do you know there are many advanced features of WhatsApp that will not be available in ‘Singal’ app.

Here are 5 features of WhatsApp, you may miss on Signal App:

WhatsApp Payment:

The WhatsApp Payment feature was launched in November last year. With this feature, users could send money to their contacts or any UPI through the app. And to avail this feature users have to link their bank account details to WhatsApp.
But the Signal app don’t have such feature to use.

Group calling:

WhatsApp users are using the Group Calling feature for a long time now. With the group calling feature, users were able to digitally interact with their family and friends at a time. However, the group calling feature is only available for the beta version of Signal app and it may be some time before the feature is available for everyone.

Status Update:

The Whatsapp Status feature let users share glimpses of their life by sharing photos and videos with their friends and family. With this feature users were able to set photos and videos as their WhatsApp status for 24 hours. The WhatsApp can only be seen by an user and his/her contacts.

This highly used feature of WhatsApp is not be available on Signal app.

Customized wallpapers:

WhatsApp’s Customized wallpaper feature allows users to set different wallpaper for different chats. This makes the chatting experience more fun. However, users will not find this advanced feature on Signal app.


The online feature of WhatsApp lets users know whether their contacts are online or not and makes it easier for people to know when you are using the app and users can start a conversation with each other. This features of WhatsApp is also not present on the signal app.

You should know that amid the protest of users, Facebook has postponed its new policy update for three months.

(Source: NDTV 360)

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  1. Non ofyerconcern says

    That’s a very biased article you write there and inaccurate at that. Group calls are already present in signal and even wallpaper changing with individual contacts (which is not in whatsapp) is present in the beta of signal.

    Hope you would clarify those points

  2. Deben says

    Customize wallpaper is now at beta testing, will be available soon for everyone.

  3. Carlos de la Barra says

    The other thing that you’ll be rid of and glad of it is Mark Zuckerberg!

    1. S says

      I can’t wait to see that human dough go down few notches in power.

  4. Kles says

    Lol.. half of these features have been added in last signal update.
    This article is a sad attempt to undermine signal app.

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