Watch: Influencer dances to ‘Dilbar’ on a busy road, man behind her steals the show

These days, many videos are going viral on trending songs in social media platforms. Within few hours these videos gather more than thousands of views. Recently, a video had gone viral where an influencer is seen dancing to Sushmita Sen’s one of the most famous song ‘Dilbar’. Even after so many years of the release, this song has a separate fan base. However, the reason for which the video had gone viral is not the girl’s dance moves, rather it’s because of the man, who tried to imitate the girl’s dance steps which grabbed all the attentions.

In the viral video, the girl is seen dancing on the middle of the road of a crowded market bare foot. While she started dancing, a man who seems to be an auto-rickshaw driver started dancing with her and even tried to copy her steps. By looking at the video, it seems like the girl is unaware of the man dancing behind her.

The video was shared by a twitter user named Chilled_Yogi. People have given hilarious reactions to the viral clip. One twitter user wrote, “Hahha. I would have died of laughing if I was there in real…”. Another user wrote, “The guy in background has better moves” and added a laughter emoji.

This video has gotten more than two lakhs views and more than one hundred eighty people have commented.

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