Watch: Foreigner lady sings soulful devotional number in Puri for Lord Jagannath

Puri: Heights of devotion was witnessed recently in Puri of Odisha as a foreigner devotee was heard singing a soulful devotional song for Lord Jagannath.

The title of the song is ‘Mu Jadi Tama Jhia Heithanti’ (If I were your daughter). The devotional number also mentions about Baisi Pabachha, Jagamohan, Patitapabana bana and many other things related to Lord Jagannth.

Interestingly, being a non-odia, the lady does not know Odia properly. She admits that she can’t speak Odia properly, but perhaps her devotion for Lord Jagannath has made it possible that she can sing in odia. Devotion does not necessarily need a language to express oneself.

The devotional outburst by the ISKCON devotee was recorded by somebody and later uploaded to social media that has gone viral.

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