Unique and attractive! Stray dogs campaign for Sarpanch candidate in Odisha

Bhubaneswar: As the Panchayat polls in Odisha are approaching, several amusing incidents come to the fore. The candidates who are contesting the Panchayat election are not leaving any opportunity to woo voters. They take different unique steps to attract the people to vote for them. In some places, the candidates seek votes by assuring them not to marry to serve the people of their areas, while in some places the candidates are seen going door to door with a written promise to beg for votes.

A similar incident has now come to the front in Ganjam area of Odisha. A female Sarpanch candidate has come up with an innovative way to campaign for herself. The Sarpanch candidate, whose name is Rojalini Behera, is contesting the election from Maulabhanja Panchayat in Sanakhemundi block of the district. The 23-year-old has befriended three stray dogs who accompany her during the campaigns.

The dogs, named Sweety, Chandramukhi and Odisha Tiger, are seen wearing masks while moving about and wearing helmets while traveling on bikes to campaign for Rojalini.

The dogs are also seen wearing placards, with good messages, around their necks.

Rojalini has worked as a nurse at a private hospital in Bhubaneswar and the Government hospital in Sankhemundi. Now she aims at improving roads, water supply and health infrastructure in her panchayat.

Meanwhile, Rojalini’s unique initiative of campaigning for her candidature has been appreciated by the people of the Maulabhanja Panchayat.

Dogs campaign for Sarpanch candidate in odisha


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