Swiss Ambassador Andreas Baum Humbled By Temples And Trees

Bhubaneswar: Swiss Ambassador to India Dr. Andreas Baum took part in a special heritage walk at Old Town this afternoon.  The walk began in the beautiful precincts of Mukteswar and Siddheswar Temple where he was overwhelmed by the sheer artistry on display on the walls.

The Envoy was all praise for the master craftsmen of Odisha who could achieve perfection again and again and the proof of it is all across Ekamra Kshetra.

Throughout the walk, he took many pictures, especially of temples and trees. He appreciated the greenery and loved the temples. He was truly amazed at the view of the Lingaraj Temple complex from atop the Curzon Mandap.

The special walk culminated at the medicinal plant garden, Ekamra Van. Here he could see the trail of the walk and was happy to have taken it. Today in the morning many locals and visitors to the city participated in the Heritage Walk at Old Town.

The 129th Ekamra Old Town Heritage Walk in the morning was a trail along the banks of the Bindu Sagar lake that commenced from the Mukteswara temple which is known as the gem of Kalingan architecture and culminated at the concept medicinal plant garden, Ekamra Van on the Western bank of the lake.

Also, the 53rd Museum Walk took place today at the Odisha Crafts Museum – Kala Bhoomi. Some of the students, who participated in today’s walk, were really excited and curious to see the different kinds of pottery on display and their utilitarian usage in the Terracotta gallery.

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