Students make bridge of chairs for teacher amid water logging: Watch

Showing their respect to the teacher a few school students recently created a bridge of chairs so that their teacher can cross the water-filled path without getting drenched. The incident took place in Mathura of Uttar Pradesh. The video of the incident went viral after it was posted to Twitter.

The video was uploaded to Twitter by user Payal Mohindra who mentioned that it was not musical chair, but this is about students helping the teach to cross the rain-filled path, so that she should not get her drenched. It was also informed in the tweet that the incident took place in Mathura. She captioned the post writing, “Wait! This isn’t musical chairs. Students help the teacher cross the rain-filled path, getting drenched themselves in Mathura.”

The video earned a good number of views where netizens came up with mixed responses. A user said, “Best level of respect given to a teacher..”

However, another user intimated through his comment that the teacher was terminated. He wrote, “Students ka idea to respect their teacher. Creative students ..sorry to know that teacher is terminated. But one should know the whole event to take ths decision. What msg is being receive by viewers is very important.”

Another user also sought an answer from the Civil Authorities for the water logging issue as shown in the video, for which the students made the bridge of chairs. He wrote, “Civil authority to be questioned also. Why there is water logging issue and what they have done yo resolve it.”

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