Rare fish found in Chandbali of Bhadrak dist in Odisha: Watch

Chandbali: A rare fish has been rescued in Chandbali area of Bhadrak district in Odisha on Wednesday. Some people have recognised it as a cat fish. As per the locals the fish is carnivorous and poisonous.

As per reports, a fisherman named Krishna found this fish last month from the road from the flood water of Baitarani River. Since it is a poisonous fish, it is not eatable. Hence, he kept it in a tank at his house as its look is beautiful.

The fish has thorns across its body while its mouth is in the lower side. Since its face has whiskers like cats. Such fishes are seen in Amazon area of South America. Few days back a cat fish had been found in the Ganga River in Varnasi.

Researchers are of the opinion that due to change in environmental changes and in search of food such fishes might have migrated to east coast of Odisha.

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  1. Guest says

    Armored catfish, scientific name ‘Pterygoplichthys’

  2. Guest says

    Armored catfish..

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