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Parents’ & Alumni Association join hand to Support KISS


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Bhubaneswar: KISS Parents’ Association, KISS Alumni Association and representatives from 30 districts will be responsible for all kinds of happenings in KISS (Kalinga Institute of Social Sciences) not KISS authority, declared in a press meet held in Bhubaneswar on 24th February.

Briefing media, the members of these associations said, KISS authorities have been efficiently managing the world’s largest tribal institution since last 25 years without any help from any corner. More than 500 meritorious students of KISS are pursuing various professional and technical courses in KIIT University free of cost. This institute has done so much noble work for KISS with so much risk since last 25 years.

More than 37,000 poor tribal children (27000 existing students and 10000 alumni), which is equivalent to 3700 tribal villages, were able to join the mainstream and involve themselves in nation building and as an agent of change for the tribal community.

None of the student and guardian of KISS have seen anything wrong in this organization or complained against the KISS authorities till date. It is a matter of pride for the tribal community that, KISS has now become a Deemed University. Students of KISS have been bringing laurels to the state and the country by getting success in various spheres.

However,few mischievous persons couldn’t tolerate this success and are working against KISS. “They have been continuously giving mental torture to our children since last five years in various manners,” claimed the representatives of different associations.

It is their conspiracy to close down KISS or to defame its founder. They are trying to cause damage to KISS. We strongly condemn their activities and conspiracy against KISS and its founder, they added.

If KISS authorities decide to close down KISS, what will be the future of 27,000 children in KISS and lakhs of children who want to join KISS in the coming years? Both state and Central Government will be responsible for this and will take the responsibility.

In future, we will not tolerate and keep quiet if anybody tries to defame KISS and it’s founder. Rather, we will give appropriate answer to them, they threatened.

Besides, they also appealed to the state and the Central Government to provide financial support and land to KISS and KISS Deemed University for overall development of tribal communities.


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