Old Pics Of Rare Black Tiger Clicked In Odisha Go Viral

An extremely rare tiger has been seen in the forests of Odisha. The special thing is that there are very close black stripes on the body of this tiger.

Amateur photographer Soumen Bajpayee of Panskura in West Bengal had reportedly clicked the ultra-rare black tiger at the Nandankanan Sanctuary last year.

According to reports, the number of such tigers in the entire state is only 7-8. Significantly, in Odisha alone, 70 percent population of black tigers live in the whole world. The black-tiger was first found here in the Simlipal Tiger Reserve in 2007.

The formal name of this tiger found in Odisha is Melanistic Tiger. These black stripes on the tiger’s body are due to genetic defect. Wildlife Expert and Wildlife Institute of India scientist Dr. Biwash Pandava had also claimed earlier that black-tiger tigers are very rare in the world. He told, ‘Of these, only 7-8 tigers are left in Odisha. These tigers are rare due to their genetics.

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