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Man tears out passport pages to hide foreign trip with girlfriend from wife, Lands in Jail


A 32-year-old man has been arrested in Mumbai for allegedly tearing some pages from his passport in order to hide his travel history from wife.

As per reports, the man visited a foreign country a few days ago to meet his girlfriend. So, he removed the pages of the passport after his visit in-order to hide his extra-marital affair from his wife.

However, he was unaware that tampering with the passport is an offense, a police official said on Saturday.

As per the official, the man flew back to India on Thursday night. During his exit from the airport, the immigration officials at the Mumbai airport noticed that some pages of his passport, which should have had visa stamps for his latest journey, were missing.

So, they questioned the man about the missing pages and found out that he had gone abroad to meet his girlfriend after telling the wife that he was travelling for work in India. In order to hide the matter from his wife, who grew suspicious and called him, he thought of removing pages from the passport so that she did not learn where he had been.

As tampering with the passport is an offense, the man has been arrested under relevant Indian Penal Code (IPC) sections including cheating and forgery and further probe is on, the police official added.

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