Man quits Rs 3.5 crore job at Netflix as he gets bored of it

A man recently quit his Rs 3.5 crore job at Netflix as he was bored of it. Michael Lin reportedly intimated that he made $450,000 a year (about Rs 3.5 crore) apart from free food daily. He also added that he was allowed fully paid leave. Upon it, when Lin stands down in May 2021, everyone assumed him as crazy.

Lin as an engineer stands down his well-paying job at Netflix in the US as he got turned off of it. He was earning Rs 3.5 crore a year, which staggered everyone.

Michael Lin landed a job at Netflix as a senior software engineer in 2017 when he bowed out his job at Amazon.

Lin said that his parents were the first to object as his quitting upset them and they believed that he dumped their hard work of moving to the US. His mentor was the second to object. The mentor felt that he shouldn’t have quit without another job lined up because he would lose on leveraging his high salary when negotiating his pay at the next job.

Lin was compelled to wonder if he was making a right choice. He bided his time before speaking to his manager about his quitting.

Before speaking to his manager, he shared that why he had decided to bow out the high-paying job. Lin said that during his very start years he grasped many things on the job.

Lin said that working at Netflix was like getting paid to work on case studies you learn about in MBA programs. They made the memos for every product decision available for all employees to read, and he learned so much every day.

But the zeal faded gradually and after Covid hit, almost all that Lin had soft spot for his job — the socializing, the coworkers, the perks — came to an end. The only thing left was the work itself, and he didn’t enjoy the work anymore.

He said that he always dreamt to have greater effect. For him, deciding how to distribute engineering resources was more pertinent to his career goals than the engineering work itself, and he wanted to transition into product management to lead these efforts.

So, Lin spent his two years webbing within Netflix and putting in for every product-manager role he could find but nothing devised for him because he said Netflix didn’t have any process to underpin horizontal role changes. Lin added that he had never seen an engineer successfully transition to product management at the company. Now that transitioning into the product-manager role was unachievable, his high salary felt like an increasingly lousy deal. When he started at Netflix, he was making money and continuously swotting new things. He deemed that he was just making money, with no career growth.

In the months that came after, Lin was unmotivated to work and it dulled his performance. During his former performance report in April 2021, he was asked to get his work together if he wanted to hold down his job.

He left his job two weeks later.

Lin was scared off of the move that would affect his job profile but, something very opposite happened. He met many people when he did a kick start and started his own business — other entrepreneurs, writers, and creators.

He added that he felt poise and cheerfulness inside him and believed in the process that everything will go nice.

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