Watch: Bride-Groom exchange snake garlands, Internet is terrified

Wedding is a celebration of lifetime, and everyone wants their’s to be different. That is why, some go to extent like setting up grand entrances with helicopters or dancing their way to the chapel. However, such ideas weren’t enough for this couple who exchanged snakes as garlands.

In an old video that has resurfaced online a bride and groom can be seen exchanging snake garlands at their wedding.

As per the reports, the incident took place in 2010 and it went viral in the year 2017. Now, the bizarre video has once again reappeared and Internet is terrified. Reportedly, the 25-year-old groom named Siddharth Sonavane and his 23-year-old bride Shrusti Ausarmal, exchanged snake garlands during their wedding ceremony, around 12 years ago.

Reportedly, the couple belongs to a remote village in the Beed district of Maharashtra. In the now viral video, the couple can be seen dressed in white and putting snakes on each other’s necks. However, what surprised netizens the most was that none of them looked scared. While the bride holds a long snake, the groom can be seen carrying a huge python.

According to the reports, the two are local wildlife department employees who live in a secluded location.

Watch Video Here:

(Video credit- YouTube/PlainOldVideos)

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