Major Challenges Faced By CM Naveen Patnaik Due To The Covid-19 Crisis In Odisha

Bhubaneswar:  The CM of Odisha shall face a few major challenges during and after the Covid-19 lock down in Odisha.

Till now the crisis created by the Covid-19 pandemic has been managed quite well by the government of Odisha. A few challenges might still come to the forefront during and after the lock down phase.

Some of them are: 

(1) Containing the spread of the coronavirus in Odisha in the post lock down period.

(2) Managing people’s impatience due to the restrictions on movements in the lock down period. 

(3) Facilitating safe return of migrants from other states and enforcing their 14-day quarantine in the post lock down period. 

(4) Restarting the economy in the post lock down phase.

(5) Providing proper employment and food to the poor. 

It is however noteworthy that Odisha has regularly faced challenges in the form of cyclones and various other natural calamities but has always been victorious and limped back to normalcy with ease.

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