In case of wind there will be power cuts: Odisha Energy Minister

The Energy Minister Pratap Deb said in a press conference on Saturday that in case of wind the power supply shall be cut off.

Bhubaneswar: There is no power supply disruption in the state of Odisha, said the Odisha Energy Minister Pratap Dev on Saturday.

He however further added that there are no power cuts in the entire state of Odisha.

The Minister however further added that, in case of wind the power supply shall be cut off. It is worth mentioning that the Kalbaisakhi experienced in Bhubaneswar on June 8, 2023 had left a trail of devastation.

Most of Bhubaneswar was thrown into darkness till late at night. Earlier on June 9, 2023 Odisha Chief Secretary Pradeep Jena expressed his annoyance over the slow restoration of power supply in Bhubaneswar city after the kalabaisakhi havoc.

The Chief Secretary even went on to say that if the restoration work is slow in case of kalabaisakhi, what would be the situation if there is a cyclone. “TPCentralOdisha restoration in Bhubaneswar is extremely slow. Pl pull up and restore fast. If response to kalabaisakhi can be slow, just imagine what would happen in eventual cyclone situations? Public don’t appreciate such slow action. Request immediate action,” he said in a Twitter post.

Powers supply in different parts of the State Capital City including Saheed Nagar, Unit-2, Acharya Vihar, VSS Nagar areas was disrupted after the power cables snapped following heavy rain accompanied by strong wind yesterday evening.

As a welcome relief for the people of Odisha, there shall be no power cut this year said the Energy Minister Pratap Deb on April 12, 2023.

Earlier today, the Energy Minister promised that there will be no power outage throughout Odisha. He further clarified that, electricity will be supplied as per the demand of the people.

Furthermore in addition to there being no power cut in Odisha, the electricity tariff will remain unchanged for the year 2023-24 informed the OERC.

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