Hundreds of animals sacrificed as part of Balangir ‘Sulia Jatra’

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Balangir: All awareness campaigns and restrictions of the administration fell flat before the tribal spirit, with thousands of animal sacrificed before the deity at the Sulia Shrine of Khairaguda here today.

The ritual carried out on the 2nd Tuesday of the Odia month of Pausa to propitiate God Sulia for good fortune every year witnessed a large number of buffaloes, goats, sheep, ducks and pigeons being sacrificed at the Badakhala area on the premises of the shrine, Sanakhala in Kumuria and several other places during the day.

The sacrifice was carried out by the chief priest amid blowing of various tribal musical instruments and presence of a huge crowd. However, children were restricted to the premise during the carrying out of the animal sacrifice.

Earlier, in response to a PIL, a division bench of Supreme Court  had refused to interfere with religious practices and had said that the judiciary could not stop the centuries-old traditions of sacrificing animals by different communities. At least three platoons of police force which were deployed at the shrine, remained mute spectator during the performing of the ritual.

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