Exclusive interview with Apsara Rani, heroine of RGV’s upcoming film: Watch

Apsara Rani is the leading lady of renowned Bollywood director Ram Gopal Varma’s upcoming film ‘Thriller’. She is reportedly from Odisha. This is her debut movie where she will be seen opposite another newbie from Odisha Wazid Rock.

Apsara hit the headlines few days back in Odisha following some of her bold photos surfaced on Twitter. Posting the photos RGV had announced about her debut film. Even RGV received flak from Odia Twitteratis for his derogatory remarks on Odisha. At this juncture Kalinga TV registered her views.

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Here are the excerpts of the exclusive interview:

Congratulations. Best of luck for you debut movie. You are going to begin your career in Bollywood. How do you feel?

I am excited but also a little bit nervous. I have many friends and relatives back in Odisha. And since everything is going on well and I have earned much pre-release popularity, I feel blessed. I am also gaining confidence during shoot out of it. If people of Odisha will love this film, it will be everything for me.


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How did you get this film?

I was performing in a stage show in Hyderabad when Ram Gopal Varma (RGV) first witnessed me. He was impressed with my dance. He was supposed to be there for five minutes but stayed for 3 hours. He took my number and next day called me to offer the film.

How do you look forward working with Wazid, your co-star, who also hails from Odisha?

We call him Rock. He is a handsome and muscular guy. My solo shoot was going on and there was nothing finalized regarding my hero. However, as RGV had mentioned in his tweet that he was quite impressed with Odisha, perhaps accordingly he selected him.

Post Sushant singh’s death we are coming across allegations of Nepotism in Bollywood. What is your reaction?

I am doing just my debut. So I think I have not reached a state where a question of giving me entry or not is needed. People should watch everybody and not only star kids, they should watch on the basis of talent. I have been selected thanks to my talent. So as I have got a chance I want to prove myself.

How much you are prepared for Bollywood?

When challenge comes you have to face it right away, it does not matters whether you are prepared or not. I hail from a middle class normal family. So I am not conversed with living the life of a Bollywood actor. Hence my director is now guiding me.


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SOME Pic FROM PHOTO SHOOT ALL AVAILABLE ON @beyond_photography___ PHOTO SHOOT by @beyond_photography___

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What message you would like to convey to the fellow Odia girls who also want to make it to Bollywood?

Since childhood I have been performing on the stage. So I want to say whatever talent we have we need to polish it. Besides luck is there and there are other things on which we don’t have command. So whatever we have (talent), we should work on this.

Odisha has many talents. Even you have mentioned it. Then why Odias are not seen much in Bollywood films?

When it comes to adopting a bold life I think people of Odisha pull back. When my bold photos surfaced I earned huge flak. There was much discussion in media regarding this. But if you want to be here, you need to adopt the trend. My parents have supported me on this. I would like to say parents in Odisha to support their kids in this aspect.

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