Drunkard Husband beats wife to death

Baripada: A drunkard man repeatedly hit wife causing her death over a minor family dispute. This shocking incident occurred at Kanki village under Bahalda Police station in Mayurbhanj district last night.

The husband, identified as Bhane Marandi, was roaming nonchalantly in the local market after murdering his wife Kuni Marandi. The local Police on its regular patrol spotted Marandi who at that time was covered in blood. Marandi was arrested after he confessed to the crime.

IIC of Bahalda Police station said, “During a regular patrolling we spotted Bhane Marandi roaming in the local market in an eerie manner covered in blood around 8 am, When interrogated over the matter the accused admitted killing his wife. He said to have beat Kuni with a wood plank or a bamboo stick. They had married about seven months ago. However, they had a fight last night over some minor dispute, enraged over which Bhane repeatedly hit and killed his wife.”

Marandi is currently in custody and an investigation over the matter is underway.

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