Cyclone Fani: Vegetable prices Soar in Bhubaneswar

Bhubaneswar:  Special Relief Commissioner Bishnupada Sethi has requested the Food Supplies and Consumer Welfare Department to take proactive measures to check hoarding of food and essential commodities for cyclone Fani which is likely to hit the coast on Friday.

Prices of potato, onion and vegetables have skyrocketed in the state capital for the cyclone. Vendors in the city said that the situation is likely to persist for another three to four days as the cyclone will bring heavy rainfall


Potato which was being sold at Rs 10 per kg a few days ago is now being sold at Rs 20 per kg while the price of onion in the retail market has increased to Rs 25 per kg from Rs 18. Similarly, prices of all vegetables have almost doubled in the last 48 hours. Vendors in the city said that panic buying has led to the price rise of essential commodities including vegetables.

“Though the impact of the cyclone is expected to last for two to three days, people have been buying essential commodities for at least a week leading to price rise,” said a vendor at Unit I daily market.

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